Our software

next generation lab management software

NextLIMS is the software that we use to manage and oversee the processes of our genetic laboratory. It allows the users to:

  • Display the procedure to carry out, which is also adjusted to meet the required norms and standards, leading to quality and continuous improvement
  • Ensure the traceability of all parts of the process
  • Coordinate the workflow of the different departments
  • Generate knowledge that is based on the continuous optimization of laboratory practices based on our years of experience

NextLIMS has been developed by molecular biologists and geneticists and is an indispensable tool in a (genetic) laboratory.

Family tree management

TreeStudio allows the users to:

  • Manage family trees in a simple and visual way
  • Draw directly in the most widespread format
  • Specify relationships in the family trees
  • Include an individual’s phenotypic data, diagnosis, and suffered events
  • Add new genes (on top of the already preloaded 17 000), genetic variants, and diagnostic tests
  • By being integrated with MESH, it allows the user to directly look up clinical concepts used by the tool

TreeStudio was designed by doctors and geneticists, for doctors and geneticists.

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