Grants and Research Projects

During the last 10 years Health in Code has been funded with more than five grants from the Spanish Reseach Ministry and several other national institutions; as well as awarded with four different fellowships from entities such as the Spanish Cardiology Society.

At the international level, we have participated in the “Anderson-Fabry Cardiomyopathy European Survey (ACE)”, coordinated by The Heart Hospital (UK, 2008); and within the 7th European framework in the following proyects: INHERITANCE: “Integrated Heart Research In Translational genetics of dilated Cardiomyopathies in Europe”; and BESTAGEING: “Biomarker research Alliance for Diagnosing Heart disease in the Ageing European Population”(2013-2017).

In addition, we are currently involved in the proyect CARDIOBIOME (FEDER-INNTERCONNECTA 2015) aimed at “Design and development of a platform to study microbiome as a biomarker for personalized medicine”.

Conecta Peme 2015 Project co-financed by the ERDF: Analysis, Design and Prototyping of an Intelligent Support System for Clinical Decision-Making in the Field of Cardiology (Dr. MeKnow).


Health in Code has filed a patent application of a novel method for the characterization of copy number variants (CNVs) and other structural variants that may cause disease.

CNVs and structural variants are mutations that involve loss or gain of genetic material. These mutations are currently detected using techniques such as MLPA, CGH Arrays or SNP Arrays. However, the plain detection is not enough for a proper report of the mutation and makes it difficult to perform segregation studies in relatives.

Health in Code’s patent solves this problem with the development of a simple, economical and fast method that is able to identify the actual boundaries and, if it´s the case, the insertion points of CNVs and structural variants. This will be of great help for the application of genetics in medical practice.

Academic collaborations: UDC-INHIBIC

Health in Code has been involved in several training programs associated with the Biomedical Research Institute of A Coruña (INIBIC) and the University of A Coruña (UDC) related to NGS.

In addition, we regulary hold workshops and seminars towards the update and specialization of cardiologists in the application of NGS to inherited CVD and sudden death prevention.

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