We are a multidisciplinary team counting more than 70 employees.

Clinicians specialized in cardiology, geneticists, and molecular biologists who work daily with software and bioinformatics engineers. Professionals in a variety of disciplines who work together to be leaders in genetic diagnosis and counselling of patients with cardiovascular diseases.

CLINICAL Department
Diego Alonso García, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree, Cardiology specialist
Ivonne Johana Cardenas Reyes, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree, Pediatric Cardiology specialist
Juan Pablo Ochoa, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree, Cardiology specialist
Marta Córdoba, MD
MSc in Biomedical Sciences, BSc in Genetics, specialist in Clinical Neurogenetics. BSc Medical Degree
Miguel Ángel Fernández García, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree specialist in Pediatric Neurology
Soledad Garcia Hernandez, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree, Cardiology specialist
Xusto Fernández, MD
MSc, BSc Medical Degree. Inherited cardiovascular diseases' databases specialist
Luis Ramudo Cela*, PharmD, BCPP
Hospital pharmacy specialist. Statistics for Health Sciences Postgraduate. BSc Pharmacy
Maite García Ramos, PharmD
MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics. BSc Pharmacy
Sara Santana Martínez, PharmD
MSc in Clinical Trials. BSc Pharmacy specialized in hospital pharmacy. MSc in Pharmaceutical Care
Elena Veira
BSc Nursing specialist in familial studies

(*) Persoal cofinanciado pola Xunta de Galicia ao abeiro da Resolución da Axencia Galega de Innovación do 2 de xuño de 2016 (Programa Principia)

Laboratory Department
J. Luis Santomé Collazo
Laboratory Director
BSc in Biology. Clinical Biochemistry specialist
Elisa Santiago Beloso
Associate degree, Laboratory Technician Specialist
Emilia Maneiro Pampín, PhD
PhD in Biological science. BSc Fundamental Biology
Inés Alvariño Hermida
Laboratory Technician Specialist – Healthcare Services
Iria Gómez Díaz
MSc Advanced Biotechnology. BSc Biology
Isaac Rosa Benito
Scientific laboratory technician
Javier Simón Sánchez, PhD
PhD in Basic and Applied Neurosciences. Neurogenetics specialist
Jose Mª García-Aznar Navajas
MSc in Medical Genetics. BSc in Biology
Laura Cazón Varela
MSc Genetics, Biochemistry & Biotechnology. BSc Biology
Mª del Pilar González Piñeiro
Laboratory Technician Specialist, Healthcare Services
Marlene Pérez Barbeito, PhD
PhD in Biology. BSc Biology
Marta Mª Neira Platas
Laboratory Technician Specialist
Patricia Blanco Arias, PhD
PhD (Human Molecular Genetics, Univ. of Cambridge). BSc Fundamental Biology
Paula Rebolo Bardanca
MSc Advanced Biotechnology. BSc Biology
Paula Veléz Viéitez, PhD
PhD in Molecular Medicine. MSc in Biomedical Research. BSc Biology
Raquel Calvo Bermudez
Laboratory Technician Specialist, Healthcare Services
Rosalía Peteiro Debén
MSc Pharmacology. BSc Biotechnology, Medical Geneticist Postgraduate
Alberto Rey López
PhD, MSc, BSc in Computer Science
Alejandro Fernández García
MSc, BSc in Computer Science
David de Uña Iglesias
MSc in Advanced Biotechnology. MSc, BSc in Computer Science
Ignacio Vizoso Fernández
Associate degree in Computer Science. VCP-DCV, MCPS 2.0 and ITIL certified professional
Luis de la Higuera, PhD
PhD in Applied Mathematics, BSc in Mathematics
Pablo Cabaleiro Cerviño
MSc in Bioinformatics. BSc in Computer Science
Pablo García Vila
MSc in Bioinformatics. BSc in Computer Science
Roberto Noya Estévez
MSc in Bioinformatics. BSc in Computer Science
Javier Díaz Álvarez
MSc Advanced Biotechnology & Molecular Medicine. BSc Biology
Sales Department
Dámaso Mazuelos Bellido
Key account manager
Eduwin Alexis Ramírez Cabezas
LATAM business development
Francisco Mosquera
Key account manager
Marc del Pino
Key account manager
María Isabel Cabrera Rodríguez
Key account manager
Montserrat Vila Rovira
Europe business development
Antonio Sobrino
Daniel López Yebra
Alicia Pallas Lozano
Radek Sucháč
Guillermo A. Smith
María Sobrido
Antonio Jose Alvarez Lopez
Silvia Borrazas Otero
Arantxa Ponte Lens
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